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I am…

Insatiably curious
I was an early adopter on the ‘net because I fell in love with both information and meeting people! I stayed up all night after learning you could talk to people in France about business French over a 2400 baud modem way back in 1990. What I love to find out most is what drives people (sample: read this thread to learn about ask vs. guess culture). And how to cook bacon in the oven.

Digital editor
Twitter doesn’t drive traffic, Internet headline writers hate themselves, and there’s a tough numbers game that’s still as true now as it was in 2013. None of this surprises me because I’ve helped sites define themselves and grow since 1999. Here’s the thing: All those links point to The Atlantic, but I don’t actually subscribe to The Atlantic in nearly any form. I read what’s relevant to me. I get that about fickle, fickle online readers. I love figuring out what will bring them back, what will make them loyal, and what the heck that Google Analytics report really means. If you need help figuring your traffic issues out, and want to hire someone who can take it from analytics to social media posts, drop me a line!

A passionate storyteller
I’m working on a feminist-driven series about fairies. I admit this particular project took off after I finished reading a certain wildly popular vampire series that included the protagonist literally allowing her child to consume her from the inside out. We can do better and still have sparkle, people! Be sure you’re following me on LinkedInTwitter or Instagram for updates!

Contact me
You can get in touch with me at jennifer DOT gruden AT gmail.com or find me:

@jenngruden on Twitter
@zenwarriorqueen on Instagram
Jennifer Gruden on LinkedIn

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