Byte sized #6: World leaders!

President of the United States weighs in on peas in guacamole. Internet outrage at its finest! I predict a slew of recipes-with-unusual-things-in-them. Also, yum, guacamole.

Op-ed or blog post? I’m still a bit bemused at the variations on this one, sample from The Atlantic: “On Monday evening, President Obama took to the Huffington Post to announce that he would more than double the threshold for what a person can earn and still be eligible for overtime pay.”

Reply All’s podcast #25, Favor Atender, is a pretty amazing story of Twitter, a head of state, and how ranting online can get you into trouble.

Covers of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is kind of a hobby of mine and so here’s one of the latest. Not related to world leaders but maybe a nice break.



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