No Man’s Land (1)

Sometimes when we lose our heroes we lose ourselves. And the corollary holds. Growing up I frequently got through the day (hour...minute) by fantasizing constantly. My mind was full of The Bionic Woman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Arthurian legend, V, Pern...pretty much anything other than the there and then. I could call it fandom, or … Continue reading No Man’s Land (1)


Byte sized #9: The judging women edition

There's been some great conversation on the web lately about women and their work. My favourite by far is a two-for-one. Jess Zimmerman asks over at The Toast, "Where's my Cut?": On Unpaid Emotional Labor. The article is thought-provoking but the discussion over at Metafilter about it is pretty stunning, if only for the list of emotional labour … Continue reading Byte sized #9: The judging women edition