Byte sized #3: Adventurous women

A theme developed for this post, so let’s have at it: stories about adventurous women.

The Toughest Woman on Two Wheels by Grayson Schaffer for Outside answers a question I’m sure we’ve all had, which is, once you’ve survived growing up in a cult and written a bestseller about it, what next? Ride around the world, apparently, if you’re Juliana Buhring. If you fall in love with this woman, there’s also the Telegraph‘s profile of her. But the real add-on is to follow the links to the piece Schaffer wrote about Buhring’s boyfrield for Outside in 2011, Consumed, which wins for a fantastic one-word title (that is completely un-web-friendly). The piece follows the career and last days of whitewater kayaker & boyfriend Hendrik Coetzee, who, in the style of The Gashlycrumb Tinies, Hankered To Retire But Was Eaten By A Crocodile.

(Boy that doesn’t scan.)

Next up is Blair Braverman (name love!)’s Welcome to Dog World! at Atavist Magazine. (There is a paywall but you get three free articles.) Beautifully produced, I keep thinking this piece’s elevator pitch is Clerks meets Never Cry Wolf.

And finally, Eva Holland’s Unclimbable at SBNation (oh Vox Media, we love you, with your crazy mix of content) stands out as an adventure story which tackles failure in just about the best possible way. The pictures are stunning.  Now Cirque of the Unclimbables is on my bucket list.

To stay on theme, here’s a pretty adventurous girl.

Featured picture: Cirque of the Unclimbables, Nahanni National Park. Photo: Alison and Fil via Flickr.


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