Byte sized #4: The golden oldies edition (Friday fun)

Faux dek for this piece: As fresh as a Far Side cartoon.

Lots of running around today. There’s a long post brewing but meantime, a few old favourites. I will actually use this batch to highlight that on the web, content can live forever…which is awesome for finding old links. Sometimes it makes it hard to compete with every article/web comic/video out there ever.

It’s also Friday, so hey, let’s start with the very funny way to learn customer reviews can far surpass the product: Bic Cristal For Her Pen reviews at Amazon. Don’t miss the customer questions either.

The Five Geek Social Fallacies at Plausibly Deniable, circa 2003. Post with legs…it keeps getting quoted and quoted until it becomes as well known a principle as a quote-unquote real self-help system…at least within certain pockets of the Internet.

The rise and decline of mommy blogging is a thing, but the classic And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles is always worth a re-read.

Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Video


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